Our Teachers & Leaders

Dr. L.O. Litle, Superintendent

Orlo W. Smith, Asst. Superintendent

William G. Alberts, Personnel Manager

R.S. Brackman, Principal

K. Lane Miller, Asst. Principal

Leona Cozean, Dean of Girls

Edythe Parnell, Dean’s Secretary

Alvin Palmer, Dean of Boys

Ruby Cooper, Counselor


Helen Altheide, Bookkeeping, Stenography

Irma Best, English

Fred Bloss, Social Studies

Marjorie Bolt, English

I.L. Brackensiek, Agriculture

Peter Buban, Electricity, General Shop

Florence Chapman, Clerical, Office Practice

Arthur Cox, History

Anna Crane, English

Howard Dewell, A.D., Coaching  **

Dorothy Dodd, Spanish

Dave Donald, Special Education

William Dornacher, History

Harold Doughty, Social Studies

Mildred Ebert, Latin

Irene Ehrhart, Foods

John Engelmeyer, Algebra, Math

Margaret Fischer, English, Latin

John Fish, Mathematics

Gladys Greer, English

Dale Hendren, P.E. Coaching

Theresa Holtschlag, History

Enid Ireland, Algebra, Radio

Helen Jarrett, Home Economics, Cafeteria

J.W. Keys, Social Studies

Dale Kimpton, Band, Music

Houston Kirk, Geometry, College Algebra


Caroline Larimore, P.E.Donald Lierle, Physics, Science

Melvin Loncaric, Drivers Ed

Carl Lutman, Drivers Ed

Erlene B. Madsen, Typing

L.W. Madsen, English, Counselor

Marjorie McLachlan, History

Flossie Memler, English & Special Ed

Ruth Middendorf, English

Arch Moore, Woodwork, General Shop

William Moore, English, Special Ed

Mary Lou Musselman, English, Journalism

Neal F. Myers, Distributive Education

R.H. Myers, History, Counceling

Helen Newel, Library

Robert O’Neal, Algebra

John Parks, Geometry, Algebra

Lowell Priebe, Art Metalcraft, General Shop

Wayne Pyle, Orchestra

Guy Quillman, Machine Shop

Irene Rank, Art

Dorothy Robison, Home Living, Physiology

Lionel Romero, Spanish

David Sanders, Biology  **

Don Sloan, Mechanical Drawing, General Shop

Richard Small, Dramatics, Speech

Liallian Smart, P.E.

Warren Speckhardt, Biology  **

Jean Sprenger, English, Quippi

Jean St. John, Clothing

William Stickland, History

Melvin Tappe, Drivers Ed

Mildred Van DeBOE, Typing, Stenography,  Practical Business                               

Clell Wade, P.E., Coaching

Ray Watson, Chemistry

Boyd White, Vocal Music

** Don’t be surprised if you run in to these guys as they are still around town.