Welcome 1959 Classmates

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The Quincy High School Class of 1959, the last class of those fabulous “50s”, started out its high school years in the good old building at 14th and Maine. When we were juniors, we moved to the brand new building on 30th and Maine that sits on a hill in the area that was once Baldwin Park.  The building is now Baldwin Elementary School.  Part of the new school was still under construction as we found our classes and settled in.  Now part of Baldwin School will soon be torn down to make way for a new school in a new era.

We were fortunate to have lived in a time that was safer and friendlier than today.  Our clothes were neat and dressy.  Our music was smooth and understandable.  It was a happy time for most and a time that we all look back on now  and thank the heavens above that we were able to grow up in the fifties.


14th street color

30th maine color

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